Delivers You More Revenue with Increased Customer Growth

We enable 2 or more parties to complete transactions from anywhere worldwide, removing the delays & barriers associated with in person paper based transactions.

Market Differentiator:

We are the only Signature solution worldwide that enables users to execute an original one-time use signature onto paper, a digital document or a hybrid process while supporting an organization's security, compliance and workflow requirements.

Solution Components

The Signature Capture Software
The Signature Capture Software uniquely presents a live image of a paper or digital document that a user can review and execute a one-time use signature from any web enabled device. When using our signing software, we capture the speed, cadence and pressure of a signature, delivering a forensically accurate biometric signature. To deliver security to the user and organization, we also capture the GPS coordinates of the signing user, user details of the remote party and details of the transaction record in Syngrafii'sMasterFile.  
The Robot
LongPen Robot is a signing device that delivers the customers one-time use signature onto paper live from our Signature Capture Software. The printer delivers the same speed, cadence and pressure of the original signature captured by our software and executes it onto paper. Once the signature is executed, the signature is then flushed from the system removing any possibility of duplicating it for future use.  
The MasterFileâ„¢
The MasterFileâ„¢ captures a complete record of the transaction between the signing user and the remote party they are signing with. Our MasterFile captures the before and after image of the document being signed, recorded video & audio of the conversation, time/date stamps, user ID's, and more. With MasterFile, organizations drastically reduce their business risk as we provide evidence of a transaction making it a more secure way of doing business with users and organizations