Business Centers USE CASE


Due to government requirements, most of the documents processed by the business centers requires the authorized signatory’s original Ink Signature.

In most SME’s, due to the fact that companies have only one authorized signatory, this causes frequent bottlenecks when He/She is unavailable to sign.


Processing these documents while authorized signatory is unavailable and still being compliant with the Government requirements.

Using Digital Signature as a solution is still not acceptable by Government entities.


Having a solution which enables to get authorized person’s wet Ink Signature while being away.

Smart LongPen is a robotic device that allows anyone to remotely Ink-Sign any documents from anywhere in the world via His/Her Mobile or any touch screen device.

Smart LongPen is the only solution worldwide that provides this service.


Faster document processing.

No need for client to come on location to sign in order for documents to be processed.

Can be used as a new revenue stream for business centers